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Duntai L Mathews, President of DLM Wood manufacturing was born and raised in Rockford Illinois. Working at McDonald's as a teenager to help out at home with expenses, Duntai learned the corporation’s commitment to help minority owned business and was encouraged by their support. Duntai attended college in Atlanta and upon returning to Rockford found a job at a local wood manufacturing company. Duntai learned various aspects of this business and when an opportunity presented itself to purchase the company he sought to become the owner. Duntai presented his plans to numerous banks, other financial institutions, and government programs but with little money to put into the business no one was willing to assist him. One of the current customers utilizing their wood products was Gressco Limited, a furniture company located in Waunakee Wisconsin. Gressco had a vested interest in keeping their wood source stable. They understood and trusted Duntai and his future plans with the company. With Gressco’s behind the scenes support, Duntai was able to acquire the company, Expressions in Wood, and renamed it DLM Manufacturing. One of Duntai’s first goals was to expand the existing business with McDonald’s and was able to work with them in the development of new designs of counter storage units, magazine racks, and dispensers of all kinds. Minority owned and operated for over six years, DLM Manufacturing is known for its “better than perfect” quality wood products and flexible designs for the restaurant and hospitality markets. With CNC machining capabilities and top notch craftsmanship, they deliver quality wood products that last. Duntai said, "It is our Mission to provide only the highest quality service and products to build and grow with our customers and their needs."  Duntai wishes to thank God, and his family, including his Grandmother, who was a great inspiration to him throughout his life. Duntai also wishes to thank the owner and all those at Gressco for believing in his vision. 

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